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Making Sense of Numbers: Number Sense

"Innumeracy" plagues many adults because they never were taught the importance of numbers.  The solving of quantitative problems eventually becomes a phobia, and the inability to solve problems injures the development of a person's self confidence and self reliance.  Encouraging your child's number sense in a  non-threatening and fun way will help to make them lifelong learners who love to solve problems!

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Basic math and number concepts, utilized in a preschool or kindergarten classroom, set the foundation for learning more advanced math concepts. Early exposure to math and number activities will promote your child’s comfort with these skills.  As early exposure to letters and sight words help children feel confident that they are “readers”, early writing opportunities give children confidence that they are “writers”; and exposure to math skills help children feel like they are "mathematicians".

We think numbers and counting are some of the easiest concepts to imbed naturally into almost any activity.  Whether you are using our yearlong curriculum or not, we wanted to show you simple ways to integrate counting into your classroom or daily routine.

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