Preschool and Homeschool Curriculum: The Word Bird

“I heard of this little bird called The Word Bird. He’s kind of like the leprechaun. He loves to sneak into classrooms and leave a mess of words while having a bit of fun with kids.  The Word Bird is a tiny bird with sparkly, light blue feathers, and he has a little red backpack that is filled with words or letters or colors.  The Word Bird finds a tiny entrance into classrooms; flies in; grabs some words out of his red backpack; and slaps them all over the classroom as soon as he finds a new classroom of kids to trick. He stays the rest of the year.  I went over to the window, and guess what I found?”

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Lauren Kist
Early Literacy Fun: Alphabet Find in the Sand Box

How can you make learning fun for your child? In the sandbox! Have some early literacy fun with alphabet find in the sand box.  Bury plastic letters of the alphabet and have your child dig them up and tell you what letter they found.  It’s a great way for them to learn and fun for parents and children.

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