Toddler / Two Year Old

Our main goal for our littlest learner is social interaction.  We feel at this age the ability to communicate and problem-solve with peers sets children up to become compassionate.  Students are immersed in a print-rich environment.  Our main academic goals are to develop strong phonemic awareness, to engage in movement through music and repetitive text, and concept recognition such as letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Three Year Old

A developmentally appropriate curriculum of literacy-readiness is designed with our young learners in mind. Through the use of authentic literature, a balanced curriculum of phonemic awareness, comprehension, letter recognition, reading strategies and writing is used to prepare students.  Through collaborative play, group problem-solving activities, and outdoor play, students are able to construct knowledge in their personal learning style.


Our VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) curriculum goes beyond the VPK State Requirements and truly prepares children for success in not only Kindergarten, but for years to come. An authentic, hands-on, interactive program provides explicit instruction to our VPK students. Our VPK program truly models a Kindergarten classroom.  The children engage in Morning Meeting and interact with each to learn about their day, the activities they will be engaged in, and shared personal stories to create the classroom community. The children are exposed to best practice in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, Science Exploration, Math Whole Group and Small Group lessons, and most importantly collaborative project–based learning.


It all started when...

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