P Find The Sight Words

P Find The Sight Words


This activity is one of many components necessary for a quality early literacy curriculum.
There are so many ways to use this activity!

  • Cut out the corresponding sight word cards and have your child match them on the sight word mat.
  • Simply say a sight word and have your child circle it.
  • Play word bird. Put the sight words on several post-its and place them all over the room. Explain to your child that the word bird came and spread words all over! Encourage them to read each post-it as they collect all the words.

The Book Chart included is a great motivational tool for your child. Start each week by putting a circle on the chart to give them a goal to reach that week. Every time your child reads a literacy story, plays a game or completes an activity sheet they can put a sticker on the chart. You can give your child incentives if they meet their weekly goal.

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