Literacy Stories - Level 2 Digital

Literacy Stories - Level 2 Digital


This package includes 30 literacy stories based on our selection of sight words that the curriculum developers felt children should know.  They help with both letter and sight word recognition.

This set includes 30 different literacy stories using sight words and pictures. Each story uses repetitive sight word sentences followed by a picture to match the unknown word. These literacy stories include these Sight word sentences:

·       I like

·       I play

·       I see

·       I see the

·       The little

·       I see a

·       I like my

·       I see my

·       It is

·       The big

·       The little

·       This is a

·       I se my

·       Do you like

·       Look at my

·       Can I have

·       A little/big

·       IT is a little

·       I saw a




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