Flip and Read - Level 2 Digital

Flip and Read - Level 2 Digital


Many children will have learned to memorize what they have learned from Level 1 Flip and Reads; however, when they find that sentence may change, they learn to pay closer attention.  Thus we change things up with Level 2 Flip and Reads.

This set includes 30 different flip and read stories using sight words and pictures. Each set of Flip and Reads uses repetitive sight word language followed by a picture to match the unknown word. These literacy stories include these Sight word sentences:

·       I like

·       I play

·       I see

·       I see the

·       The little

·       I see a

·       I like my

·       I see my

·       It is

·       The big

·       The little

·       This is a

·       I se my

·       Do you like

·       Look at my

·       Can I have

·       A little/big

·       IT is a little

·       I saw a

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